Why A Wooden Cat Tree Might Be Useful

If your household includes a cat, you would know how much they love to simply climb somewhere and perch themselves. And like any other living being, cats also require some entertainment where it can play and exercise as well.  Unlike humans, cats do not only move around on a horizontal axis but are equally comfortable on a vertical axis. This means climbing up and down heights is equally important for them. This is why a wooden cat tree is a good investment for their overall well –being.

What kind of cat tree to buy?

Size wise it must be in sync with the size of your cat. If you have a big cat ensure the cat tree you buy has big seats.

While choosing the material, it is preferable to opt for wooden ones This is because a wooden tree has a natural look and feel. Additionally, it is a great place for the cat to scratch around and play. Choosing a cat tree with slightly rounded seats for extended comfort and support is also a good idea.

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